Hi there ;) I’m doing a PhD in bioinformatics at the BMI lab at ETH Zurich. Currently I’m working on near-linear algorithms for exact pairwise alignment.

This blog is where I dump my thoughts on my PhD research. For now it includes some short notes/remarks/ideas for research, and a few longer posts that may eventually turn into papers.

Feel free to use this blog as inspiration and build on the ideas you see here, as long as you cite appropriately.

If you spot mistakes or have suggestions for improvement, comment at the bottom of each page or make an issue on the GitHub source for this blog.

Trivia (i.e. i18n)

My first name is Ragnar. My last name is Groot Koerkamp. Yes, that has a space. No, you cannot get away with Groot, and no, you cannot say Koerkamp.

Don’t even try to say Ragnar G. Koerkamp. In fact, my middle name starts with a G, so you’d have to write R. G. Groot Koerkamp, or Groot Koerkamp, R. G.. To not complicate things more than they already are, use one of the following for purposes of publishing and citing:

  • R. Groot Koerkamp,
  • Ragnar Groot Koerkamp,
  • Groot Koerkamp, Ragnar,
  • Groot Koerkamp, R.,
  • Groot Koerkamp, Ragnar in BibTeX files.

Note that not all BibTex exports get this right. In particular, Arxiv does not support my name, and downloading BibTex entries (derived) from it may give wrong results.