Paper styleguide

Table of Contents

This is a growing list of notation and style decisions Pesho and I made during the writing of our paper, written down so that we don’t have to spend time on it again next time.


  • \(\Sigma\), \(|\Sigma| = 4\)
  • \(A = \overline{a_0\dots a_{n-1}} \in \Sigma^*\), \(|A| = n\)
  • \(B = \overline{b_0\dots b_{m-1}} \in \Sigma^*\), \(|B| = m\)
  • Edit distance \(\mathrm{ed}(A, B)\)
  • \(A_{<i} = \overline{a_0\dots a_{i-1}}\)
  • \(A_{\geq i} = \overline{a_i\dots a_{n-1}}\)
  • \(A_{i\dots i’} = \overline{a_i\dots a_{i’-1}}\)
Edit graph
  • State \(\langle i, j\rangle\)
  • Graph \(G(V, E)\) where \(V = \{\langle i,j\rangle | 0\leq i\leq n, 0\leq j\leq m\}\)
  • Root state \(v_s = \langle 0,0\rangle\)
  • Target state \(v_t = \langle n,m\rangle\)
  • Distance \(d(u, v)\)
  • Path \(\pi\)
  • Shortest path \(\pi^*\)
  • Cost of path \(cost(\pi)\), \(cost(\pi^*) = d(v_s, v_t) = \mathrm{ed}(A, B)\).

Naming and style

  • Vertex, not node

  • Target, not end

    Goes better with \(v_s \to v_t\) notation.

  • Substitution, not mismatch

  • Letter, not character

  • Runtime complexity, not just complexity or just runtime

  • LCS, not lcs

  • \cref, not \ref